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Welcome to Special Children Special People

Special Children Special People (SCSP) was registered in 2013 as a grass-root community based organization to rehabilitate, advocate for and empower people with disabilities with a focus on children to prepare them for inclusive education. This is important in reduction of neglect, combating stigma and abuse, having been realized that many young people with disabilities in Uganda have challenges to adopt into formal education due to many factors like low level of perception, low self-esteem, low egos and psychological torture.

Special Children Uganda™ in its agenda seeks to advance the well-being, competence and integration of persons with disabilities into communities with a focus on self-independence to children with special needs and empowerment to their families.

Special Children Special People currently operates in Kampala and Mpigi districts. Our secondary beneficiaries are the family/caretakers of special needs children and community.

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1 month ago

We had not noticed that merry merry is too soon
Because we have been busy learning
But now we can eat some goodies..
Is there someone willing to celebrate Christmas with me?
Wishing you a merry See more

1 month ago
Photos from Special Children Special People – SCSP’s post

Sensory room preparations, well done team.

1 month ago

We lost an icon who first gave us free space and introduced us to the world.
RIP Steven

1 month ago

What else is for December other than fun and sharing love?

1 month ago
Kakensa Media

Thank you Kakensa Media for giving us your platform, much appreciated.

Today the Special Children special People centre which i posted early today requiring support has held an xmas party to the special needs children sponsored by welwishers. These people still need See more

1 month ago

End of year xmas party after party celebrations.

1 month ago
Therap Global

We are happy to be using this software, it has a lot of amazing tools. We can help you show you the magic within ..

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