Special Needs Home Sponsorship

• Commits to annual support with monthly payments
• Fosters a relationship between the Sponsor and the Special Children Special People (SCSP)
• Provides an opportunity for broad involvement in Special Children Special People (SCSP) operations

Lump Sum Donations – One-time or Monthly

Directed to a general account which deals with the following
• Individual Special needs emergencies
• Individual Special needs facilities
• School fees
• Provision of relief supplies

Project-specific Donations – One-time or Monthly

• Funds are directed to the acquisition of land and construction of permanent structures for the school and its projects for children with disabilities in Uganda.
• Donations may be in general for the project, or as a sponsorship of a component of the facility (ie. Library, Classroom, Vocational Training Centre) – donors of this type may do so in memory of an esteemed individual, identified with a plaque.

Family sponsorship.

You can sponsor a guardian to learn a vocational skill that will help in future sustenance of a special needs child or start-up capital.

Other ways you can offer help

- Adopt a school project and help raise funds to support it.
- Mobilize your community: family, friends, relatives and co-workers to support Special Children Special People.
- Volunteer your time, skills and talents in a short-term or Longer-term volunteer program with SCSP in Uganda.
- Support the annual Christmas Party for the Children with special needs.
- Please consider supporting a needy child through Special Children Special People