MPEWU [Mpigi persons with unique abilities] Credit Finance Company Ltd was started to empower women, families of children with special needs and persons with disabilities (PWD). The cause among others was identified as lack of sustainable domestic source of livelihood for PWDS and women.

MPEWU Mission: Enhancing welfare and economic empowerment through saving and borrowing.

MPEWU Vision: Eradicating poverty to enhance domestic stability, empowerment and health.

The vision of MPEWU SACCO is to build a vibrant, efficient and sustainable revolving Fund Programme to promote economic and social development of rural poor by building their capacity through training and skill empowerment, Saving and improving opportunities to access loans to eradicate poverty through attaining self-reliance and sustainability by setting up profitable micro businesses.

To empower and build capacity of economically active poor vulnerable communities through business training, management skills and access to a revolving Fund through saving and borrowing.

Objectives of this program:

  1. Economically liberate marginalized and vulnerable groups (PWD’s).
  2. Promote positive community mindset through inclusive community working relationships.
  3. Create community awareness about importance of saving and borrowing.
  4. To train financial and adult literacy while promoting financial self-reliance.
  5. To promote health awareness through promoting social groups that share reproductive health, drug abuse, HIV and hygienic ideas among members.
  6. To combat domestic violence through boosting family income.

Loan products and rates

Currently we have two products, namely:-

    1. Business loan,
      This is a loan product that is offered to people actively in business, business must have existed for at least 4 months. We offer short-term loans for not more than 6 (six) months and paid in weekly installments at flat rate interest rate of 3% per month.
    2. Group loans. Here we lend out to individuals in groups, Group members co-guarantee each other at 3% interest loan per month.

In future we hope to start other products like farmers loan, Asset finance, and school fees loan among others.