Some of the in-kind goods and gifts that you can donate

Anything that you can give, however small, will help bring hope and dignity to a special needs person here in Uganda. We have put together a list of specific in-kind goods and gift items that could be donated by an individual, family, church, school, organization and shipped to our Mailing Address: P.O. Box 107246 Kampala-Uganda.

Those extra used items you no longer need: children’s clothing, shoes, school supplies, bedding, musical instruments, computer equipment, games and sports equipment, vehicles, Christian literature, sports items, ICT resources can be of greater use to us. Please consider donating them to Special Children Special People to help Special needs children, vulnerable youth and adults in Uganda.

This list is not exhaustive but only acts as a guide for those who would wish to help collect and donate gifts-in-kind. Please feel free to add to the list with whatever else you may have that could be useful for the children with disabilities.

School Supplies: School bags, children’s reading books, pens, pencils, crayons, rulers, erasers, glue, writing paper, colouring paper, exercise books, children’s Bibles, storybooks, computer books, CD player/DVD-ROMs, TV, children’s school chairs, flash-cards, Arts & crafts resources, etc.

Clothing & Bedding: clothing for children ranging from baby-2 years; 3-4 years; 5-7 years; 8-10 years,11-13 years; 14-16 years; 17-19 years: skirts, blouses, dresses, shirts, shorts, pants, shoes, sportswear, socks and stockings, t-shirts, towels, curtains, blankets, bedsheets, mosquito nets, pillowcases, soap, lotions, ointments, toothbrush and toothpaste, etc., and clothing for Vulnerable adults as well.

Bibles & Christian Literature: children’s Bibles, storybooks, colouring books, children’s club Materials, Christian Music videos and teachings on Videos on DVD/CD_ROMs, Bibles, children’s Christmas gift boxes, childcare and children’s ministry training materials, etc.

Computer Equipment & Supplies: desktop & laptops computers, iPads, projectors, video cameras, mobile phones, diesel generators, biz-hub printers, photocopiers, card readers, digital cameras, Computer Paper (white and/or coloured), card papers,Brail papers for the blind, envelops of all sizes, Paper Punk, Guillotines, Binders, empty DVDs, flash discs, Memory sticks, computer software, colour printers, LaserJet Printer cartridges, etc.

Musical Instruments: acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars, piano keyboards, soundboards, amplifiers, microphones, microphone stands, loudspeakers, trumpets, saxophones, violin, acoustic/electric drum set, (Band Equipment), etc.

Games & Sports Equipment: Soccer balls, volleyballs, basketballs, table tennis, netballs, sports shoes, indoor games, badminton, sports uniform, shoes, toys, First AID Kits, etc. Vehicle: bicycles, motorbikes, school bus, pickup truck, van, cars (preferably 4 Wheel Drive trucks and Vans).

One of the main challenges SCSP is facing is lack of vehicle for transportation. It becomes especially challenging when travelling in the countryside with almost no proper roads. SCSP is in need of a reliable 4Wheel Drive Vehicle for safe travel and transportation.

Funding: Financial donations can be made by Check or bank wire transfer, or online via PayPal. Checks should be made payable to “Special Children Special People ” and mailed to our mailing address: P.O. Box 107246, Kampala-Uganda.

To make a wire transfer, please send us an email and we will send you our bank wire transfer instruction details. Thank you.

Please mail your generous donation, love gifts and surprises to Special Children Special People, P. O. Box 107246, Kampala Uganda, to the attention of Walusimbi Moses, Executive Director. Please note that there is a customs clearance fee charged on all in-kind donations received by SCSP in Uganda.

When you ship gifts-in-kind, please consider giving a small financial donation to help with customs clearance charges of the donated items in Uganda. Thank you!

Special Children Special People (SCSP) cares for children with special needs, Parents of Special needs Children and mature People with Disabilities and their communities in Uganda.

Special Children Special People depends entirely on the generous donations and support from individual, families groups, organizations, foundations, volunteers, friends and well-wishers from all over the world. We are grateful for your support.

Your gift in any amount is highly appreciated! Special Children Special People provides opportunities for individuals, families, foundations, organizations, volunteers, friends and well-wishers to sponsor a school going child of their choice, in order to give the children a bright future, and help them get out of poverty.

Sponsorship covers all school-age children ranging from nursery, primary and secondary school education, college education and university education as well as vocational skills training programs in Uganda.

You can consider to sponsor a child or a number of children of your choice for a given period of time or you can offer to give a one-time educational scholarship fund to a child or children of your choice.

Considering life in sub-Saharan Africa, where the majority of households still live on less than $1 a day, SCSP seeks to improve the lives of orphans and disadvantaged children by supporting them with a minimum of US$ 1 per day