Special Children Special People (SCSP) works  to deliver welfare support to target beneficiaries and economic empowerment to solidly impact the communities in which we operate. We work with parents of special needs children, the local council authorities, community and national level leaders to advocate and champion the causes of special needs people.
SCSP has a tagline ‘Realising the Potential of the Neglected, Transforming Lives’ with which we believe that vulnerable people can be fully integrated into the communities where they dwell and can further contribute to its advancement once empowered.
We aim at empowering beneficiary poor and disability affected parents to provide an additional and reliable income for their households through the proceeds realized from their projects; to enable them meet the costs of basic needs such as: household utilities, food, fuel for lighting, clothing, and costs of their children’s schooling such as uniforms, books and exam fees.
 Below are some of the projects through which we empower parents/families affected by disability:

Art and Craft Making

Beneficiaries meet once a week and taken through other craft-making training course sessions, in which they are shown how to make artistic use of locally available materials in their environment. SCSP also opened a craft shop along Buganda road to avail market for the variety of crafts made by women and children.

Crafts developed for commercial purposes, including; Mats, Baskets, Tye & dye patterned cloth, Woven materials – wall, hangings, door rugs and ornaments, Beads, Cards etc

The parents of children with disabilities are also supported to transform their individual micro-projects into a functional group business to access loans and save through the Village Saving and Loans Association (VSLA) Group. SCSP loans  them a start-up boost capital. Read more

Hands-On Skills Training

Young people and caretakers are trained in practical skills  which include Tailoring or  candle making.

a) Tailoring

Beneficiaries under this project are inducted through a 5 month course in tailoring to develop skills in making shirts, trousers, skirts, school uniforms,Sweaters, African traditional wear such as: Kanzu, Gomesi, and Kitenge.

At the end of the skills empowerment training, the beneficiaries can either find employment in an established tailoring business or receive a sewing machine, on loan from SCSP, to begin self-employment.

b) Candle making

Parents of children with disabilities are trained to make various designs of candles; from the simple ones used for basic lighting in homes, to the more elaborate ones that also serve a decorative purpose in churches and for special occasions. In addition to these, the beneficiaries are also given skills to make candles that give off a mosquito-repellent scent, when they are burned.

At the end of the training, the beneficiaries are then supported with capital to carry on with the candle-making as an economic activity over an initial 3-month period. By the end of the first 3 months, the beneficiaries are expected to be able to sustain their own project out of the project proceeds, without need for further capital from SCSP. Read more


Beneficiaries under this project initially receive a month training course on managing poultry as an income-generating activity. Follow-up training is also provided during implementation of the project.

Under Poultry project; Participants are given practical advice on preparing suitable structures to raise their poultry stock and when these are ready, they are then provided with the chicks. These are raised for 3-12 months, depending on whether they are used for egg or meat production. Read more