International Day for People With Disabilities -#IDPWD2022

This years' theme: “Transformative solutions for inclusive development: the role of innovation in fuelling an accessible and equitable world“

"We're not inherently anything but human"

— Robin Morgan

— Robin Morgan

— Robin Morgan

Because no child is too dull to learn we've not given up on any.

We are dedicated to this cause - would you please join us!

Helping Children Develop Skills.

Empowering the children with practical skills can help them live sustainable independent lives.

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Our Cause

Children With Disabilities (CWDs) are valuable in society.  Special Children Special People (SCSP) empowers, rehabilitates and advocates for  people with disabilities – especially children – preparing them for inclusive education and future independent lives.

Fundraising Campaign

This campaign comes to address the high costs of  renting of two sites ( inclusive school and the learning centre), food and limited space at our current operation premises. The limited space also hinders service delivery especially in an Inclusive learning environment, skills development, exposure to the environment, Rehabilitation as well as Economic Empowerment and Capacity building. Read more …

What We Do

Awareness and Advocacy
Inclusive Education

Our Partners