The project was initiated to empower people with disabilities, families affected by disability, and parents of children with special needs and later joined by the community to embrace inclusion in the rural areas of Mpigi.

It is composed of mainly single mothers since before the marriage break-ups the fathers were the family bread winner. Each group composed of 30 members have already receive training in money literacy skills and engage into small scale business (merchandise stalls) within their compounds, roadside market stalls, hand crafts and farming to improve on their well-being and family income.

These groups of mostly ladies meet once a week to save, request members for a loan, share experience and learn new business empowerment and hand skills, child behavior management, home basic physiotherapy and occupational therapy, health advise, awareness and support among others.

We already have established groups in Kamengo sub county Mpigi district and Makindye division in Kampala. Due to the many advantages realized by the community more members are interested to join to enjoy the many benefits already mentioned.

The current Ugandan economy can hardly support any investment, so the members receive top up loans to boost the already small running business.

The program has brought the community together and enhanced a wide range of skills among members, created neutral grounds for sharing of health and nutritional ideas for their social economic empowerment and development.


Vision: Eradicating poverty to enhance domestic stability, empowerment and health.
Mission: Enhancing welfare and economic empowerment through saving and borrowing.
The project has the following objectives:

  1. To create community awareness about the importance of saving and borrowing so as to start income generating activities to improve on homestead well-being.
  2. To empower members economically while emphasizing financial literacy promote financial self-reliance through acquisition and implementation of vocational skills
  3. To improve on health awareness through promoting social groups that share reproductive health and hygienic ideas among members while embracing a positive inclusion society.