Special Children Special People (SCSP) is currently mobilizing funds for the construction of the block at our already secured land located at Katende, Kiringente sub county Mpigi district.

This campaign has come to address the high costs of double rent of two sites (for the inclusive school and the learning centre), food and limited space at our current operation premises. The limited space also hinders service delivery especially in an Inclusive learning environment, skills development, exposure to the environment, Rehabilitation as well as Economic Empowerment and Capacity building.

Why this Campaign?

Having a permanent space comes along with many advantages among which include;

  1. Building up a primary school with a special needs center one of its own to create a safe space for both mainstream and special needs children to interact and learn together in a loving environment.
  2.  Provide both mainstream education and special needs education hence promoting inclusion and combating the stereotype and stigma.
  3.  The bigger space will call in donors and consultants with similar interests and cause to partner with the organization.
  4.  Educate and rehabilitate both full-time and part-time special needs children, this is intended to give a break off to parents who need to attend to other needs.
  5.  To improve our income and service delivery towards project sustainability as we transform into a centre of excellence through promoting inclusion.
  6.  We shall be able to cultivate our own food thus reducing daily food expenses, improving our diet and training children in farming activities.
  7.  The special needs children will have higher chances of learning farming and other hands-on skills due to the availability of space.

Help Us Build a School Where Every Child is Embraced in Inclusivity.

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