"I spent three weeks volunteering at Special Children Special People (SCSP) this summer (2016). I came to have this experience through my sister, Ellie, who is training to work with special needs children.
She contacted Moses, the  organisation director, who warmly encouraged us and helped to sort out our visit. As a physics student myself this was something quite different for me. However, all the staff and children at SCSP were very friendly and welcoming which made it very easy to get involved and help out.
We spent the time working mostly one-to-one with the children providing both care and teaching. Personally, I got to work intensively with two wonderful children. I spent a lot of time with Elvis, a child with cerebral palsy, and enjoyed his enthusiasm and energy.
I also spent a lot of time with Bonny who has a lower limb disability and was very impressed by his work and attitude.
We also had the opportunity to meet the mothers' craft union. This is a project run by SCSP which aims to help support the mothers of these special children. Many such mothers face extreme hardship in Uganda - this was clear to see.
Much of this hardship stems from the deeply ingrained societal fear of such children - attitudes which SCSP makes it their mission to change.
The school was very generous towards us - sharing food, friendship and experience. The people were kind and their passion was clear. Moses spoke frankly to us about the difficulties the organisation faces.
The lack of funding for such schools in Uganda, the large variety of disabilities and the amount of care required, the attitudes towards special needs children and the hardship of their families. This is an ambitious organisation and a deserving cause. I had a great time at the school and would encourage anyone else who can to get involved and support."

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