VISION of Special Children Special People:

‘Equipped Special Needs People For Full Community Integration’

MISSION of Special Children Special People:

To champion inclusive education, nurturing, rehabilitation and capacity building of special needs people, particularly special needs children, through a participatory approach that involves persons with disabilities, their parents or guardians, the community and the society leadership to achieve better inclusion of special needs persons into their communities.


  • Love and care.
  • Accountability and transparency.
  • Self respect and respect for others.
  • Integrity and God fearing


  • To equip special needs people through capacity building in self-help and empowerment skills.
  • To empower special needs people through vocational skills for self sustenance and income generation.
  • To provide early intervention therapies for special needs children.
  • To extend welfare support to special needs people.
  • To provide communities with knowledge on the needs and potential of persons with disabilities.
  • To build tolerance, understanding and support of special needs people.
  • To provide counseling and guidance to special needs children, their parents, families and the community.
  • To promote home and community based therapy and rehabilitation interventions
  • To provide suitable education services for children with disabilities like sign language.
  • To provide daycare and nursery services to children for integration of special needs children.
  • To promote recreation, games and sports for therapeutic and rehabilitative procedures.

Provide information to the community in order to enhance the understanding of disability to reduce on stigma and rejection.