Help Wanted: The Talented Tenth

As the honorary Ambassador of the parent University of Special Children Special People (SCSP) in Uganda, which
empowers & builds the capacity for parents of special needs children to set up small self-sustaining enterprises.

I’m seeking a team of black professionals to travel with me to Uganda, the pearl of Africa. July 2017

Our mission is to partner with parents/caretakers, to teach, to invest, to farm, to build or to acquire land…thereby strengthen SCSP school & the community while championing the cause for special needs children.

Although accommodation and food are included, everyone must secure their own airfare.

The focus enterprises are as follows:

  • Piggeries
  • Agri-farming
  • Tailoring
  • Handicrafts
  • Technology
  • Financial Literacy

This trip is sponsored by
The Ancestral Birthright Tours 2017

Dr. Wanda Evans-Brewer