Dr. Wanda Evans-Brewer is an Overseas educator, scholar practitioner and contingent labor activist who has written on contingency and student debt crisis.

With 27 years of experience, she has been quoted widely and is featured in two documentaries on the contingent labor crisis in the US, Adjuncts In Agony and Professors in Poverty.

Currently, she is the Ambassador of Special Children Special People in USA as well as a Resource Coordinator to Alpha & Omega and Bhekithemba Primary Schools in South Africa and the School Liaison for Buguza Secondary School in Tanzania.

Besides being an ambassador , she has donated technology equipment, given financial backing for various projects, connected us to various individuals who are willing to share their gifts, talents and skill sets, run campaigns to raise money for MP3's for the kids, sold moms crafts in the U.S.

Dr Wanda is also the visionary behind the Parent University coming up in July 2017.

You can find Dr. Wanda, teaching at Concordia University Chicago and public speaking as part of the "Ancestral Birthright Tour."

Contact: drwanda@specialchildrenuganda.org