It was on 26th April,2024 that we lost one of our children, Byamukama (God-given) who joined SCSP in 2016. We got him through Kanoni probation office having been found by a good Samaritan who took him to nearby Police station.

Our journey with him has been in and out of hospital receiving at least 3 surgeries due to his urethra complication. Though he was autistic, epileptic coupled with intellectual disability, Byamukama was a jolly boy and always busy. He had acquired different craft work skills and was good at making a variety of bead-related items such as necklaces, key holders, jewelry etc. and paper bags. It was our joy seeing him happy and progressing.


It was again another sad moment when we lost Fahad. In 2010, Ms. Renate (Director, Bulungi Foundation) first met Fahad. He was a joyful boy living with his father. Fahad’s father worked all day and was unable to care for him adequately. As a result, Fahad spent the entire day alone with only a radio for company. Fahad’s father decided to bring him to his grandparents in jinja district.

When Bulungi was founded in February 2011, Renate visited Fahad again enrolled him into the rehabilitation program with permission from the local council chairman. There was barely anything left of the little boy; he had lost a lot of weight, his dark Ugandan skin color had faded, and he had open wounds from lying on one side for so long. Fahad was taken to hospital and his life saved.

Fahad became the first child at Bulungi foundation. He remained a vulnerable boy with severe, multiple disabilities but at least with physiotherapy he was able to sit in a wheel chair. He also learned to roll over and move around, greatly expanding his world.

In 2017 Special Children, Special People and Bulungi foundation went into a working partnership and took on all the children under their care.

A few weeks ago, Fahad fell sick and admitted in hospital and after two days he was allowed to return home. Unfortunately, he fell ill again rushed to hospital but due to his condition, the doctor recommended a referral to Mulago hospital where he was announced dead after a few days due to breathing complications.

We send our condolences to Bulungi foundation for losing their first Bulungi boy who had turned into a young man. We are very grateful that we were able to care for him with support from Bulungi for over the past thirteen years. Renate hugged him and spent some time with him during last year’s Christmas. Dear Fahad; Rest in peace.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each one of you who took the time to comfort and support during this difficult time. Your kind words and gestures have provided us with the strength as we mourn the loss of Byamukama and Fahad whom we cared for deeply.

Your support means the world to us and serves as a reminder of the incredible community we are a part of. Thank you always for your compassion, love, and unwavering support. May they rest in peace.