Special Children Special People (SCSP) was registered in 2013 as a grassroot community based organization reg. number MAK/14/221 to rehabilitate, advocate and empower people with disabilities with a focus on children to prepare them for inclusive education.

This is important in reduction of neglect, combating stigma and abuse having it been realized that many young pwd’s have challenges to adopt into formal education due to many factors like low level of perception, low self-esteem, low egos, psychological torture among others.

SCSP in its agenda seeks to advance the well-being, competence and integration of persons with disabilities into communities with a focus on self-independence to children with special needs and empowerment to their families. SCSP currently operates in Kampala and Mpigi districts.

Our secondary beneficiaries are the family/caretakers of special needs children and community having built a good working relationship with local... Continue Reading