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Achievers Education Centre with the slogan ‘Equipping Future Achievers’. This initiative is purposed to integrate special needs children with children that have no disabilities to advance peer to peer acceptance and support.

That integration through games, sports, recreation and social interaction goes a long way in building a tolerant society for persons with disabilities. SCSP conducts regular grassroots outreaches and further taps into linkages with different partners, organizations and stakeholders to deliver the much needed services that SCSP envisions to extend

Under the Special Needs Education, Therapy and Rehabilitation ProgramSCSP ventures with the slogan ‘Ability From Disability’ to deliver early intervention, therapy, academic instruction for children with special needs and equipping them with self-care and self support skills, spiritual support, counselling and guidance.

Therapy services include; physical, occupational and speech therapy which are based on the international standards and practices.

Physical therapists address the gross motor needs of the student such learning to walk; occupational therapists address the fine motor and daily living skills such as writing, eating, dressing; and speech therapists address all areas of speech and communication skills. Therapy evaluations and treatment services are provided using a collaborative team approach.

The therapy department also provides unique equipment services including: the production of splints which give support to a child’s legs or arms and a wheelchair workshop which provides adjustment and maintenance services.

These services are provided for all of the organization’s students and for individuals of the local community who are in need of this kind of service.

Therapy services are currently in a poor management due to inadequate facilities to provide services to the special needs at the home and those in the communities.

The therapy service is provided to students enrolled in all Center for Care and Rehabilitation which are affiliated with the Organization, and it is available to the individuals who need this service in the local community. Services are provided within the school setting and on an out-patient basis.