1. Improving livelihoods

Through mobilising parents into functional and productive group/individual units, we seek to empower parents with skills, knowledge and working capital to engage in practical and sustainable service delivery projects, through which they can gain empowerment to address their socio-economic needs.

We build the skills, knowledge and capacity of parents through vocational skills engagement to engage in participative processes of needs assessment, drawing up and implementing sustainable strategies to enable them to overcome conditions of poverty.

These approaches involve the implementation of various income generating activities/projects (IGA) at either individual or group-level for the beneficiary parents. We have set up 2 groups so far and started a village savings and loans association group (VSLA) sitting once a week to save while others are repaying the group loan.

2. Advocacy and Lobbying change-makers on issues that affect parents of children with disability negatively in their communities

In many societies in Uganda, parents of special needs children are marginalised because of their status. This marginalisation extends beyond simple stigma.

It involves being denied their constitutional rights; such as the right to ownership of matrimonial property in cases of spouse death or separation, the right to custody of their other mainstream children, the right to be heard and participate in their local community policy making.

As a result, parents of special needs children -especially women- are sidelined during such important processes of decision making and their chances of being heard and issues that affect them negatively recognised and acted upon, is made slim.

SCSP provides support and information to such parents with the aim of empowering them and enabling them to express their needs and choices.

By educating them, SCSP seeks to empower them to carry out advocacy and lobbying through the various chains of government, faith groups, and the general public so as to effect positive change in their favour.