Whereas the biggest challenge the Ugandan Parent has could be sustaining their families, their US counterparts also has a whole lot of other parenting issues to deal with.

The America-Uganda Parenting exchange seeks to provide a platform for American professionals to learn about the Ugandan culture, way of life and numerous technical skills that Ugandan parents possess and utilize in order to sustain their families.

On the other hand, the visiting American professionals have committed to offer their professional, moral and financial support to Ugandan Parents, especially women to help them build stronger financial bark-bones for their homesteads, and be happier raising their families.

As part of the activities, Special Children Special People and parents’ micro-projects shall be supported and the same shall teach the visiting friends of Special Children Special People various practical African skills and cultures including cooking Ugandan/African foods, dressing, riding bicycles, craft making, etc.

The visitors will also tour the country’s numerous historical sites and tourist attractions.