Society isolation and stigma, Our beloved parents find it hard and money wastage to pay school fees for such children. They don’t have it in their hearts that these are humans who deserve equal rights to every human need, we need sponsorship for our children.

The organization still face a great challenge of limited financial resources to cater for children needs, staff welfare and school development.

We lack necessary gadgets to help in therapies, open sensitization crusades, gadgets like public address system, projectors, cameras, play materials, vocational training tools etc.

No land for setting up permanent organizational development projects such as classrooms, teachers’ houses, piggery projects among others.

Transport is a great hindrance since most of our children have to walk long distances yet they have difficult in mobility, it’s worse during rainy seasons – this too affects their class performance since they reach school late.

SCSP heavily relies on well wishers for support to reach out to PWD’s. This support however is not sufficient enough to enable the organization to cover and meet the needs of PWD’s in our areas of operation, we need partners to set up self sustenance projects.