Arts and Crafts project

We aim to empower beneficiary poor and disability affected parents to provide an additional and reliable income for their households through the proceeds realised from their projects; to enable them meet the costs of basic needs such as: household utilities, food, fuel for lighting, clothing, and costs of their children’s schooling such as uniforms, books and exam fees.

Beneficiaries meet once a week and taken through other craft-making training course sessions, in which they are shown how to make artistic use of locally available materials in their environment. SCSP also opened a craft shop along buganda road to find market for the variety of crafts made by women and children

They develop crafts for commercial purposes, including;

• Mats

• Baskets

• Tye & dye patterned cloth

• Woven materials - wall hangings, door rugs and ornaments

• Beads

• Cards etc

The parents of children with disabilities are also supported to transform their individual micro-projects into a functional group business to access loans and save through the VILLAGE SAVING AND LOANS ASSOCIATION (VSLA) GROUP. SCSP loans  them a start-up boost capital.

After a period between 3- 6 months, the project is usually in self-sustaining state, and then another group formed. A project benefiting 20 members costs up to UGX 2,500,000 (approx £700).